Balantidiasis can lead to severe complications. Some of them threaten the life of the patient, so they must be tried to prevent by any means.

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The development of complications significantly worsens the prognosis for patients with balantidiasis. In this case, longer and more serious treatment in the intensive care unit may be required.

Many diseases have similar symptoms. It is quite difficult to distinguish them from each other. And the treatment of Imitrex ailments is different. Balantidiasis is a disease with symptoms similar to amoebiasis, dysentery and other infections. Balantidiasis is a serious infectious disease of the large intestine, the causative agent of which is the unicellular ciliates Balantidium coli. With incorrect or untimely therapy, balantidiasis often leads to death. The causative agent of balantidiasis belongs to the type of Sumatriptan. Balantida can exist in two forms: vegetative, which can only live in a living organism. The cell is covered with cilia with which it moves. Vegetative forms in the external environment live 2-3 hours; cyst. In this form, balantida exists in the external environment, where they retain their vital activity for about a month.

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Those balantides that have entered the intestinal wall destroy the mucosa. Edema, hyperemia and ulcers with jagged edges and a black bottom appear on the affected areas, covered with pus and bleeding.

The disease is rare, mainly in rural areas. Reasons for the development of balantidiasis: improper personal hygiene when working with pigs; eating foods contaminated with balanthids; eating poorly heat-treated pork meat; contact with patients with balantidiasis. The main reason for the development of this infection remains non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, since the route of transmission of the disease is only fecal-oral.

But the disease does not always develop after balantides enter the human digestive tract. A simple carriage of the pathogen without intestinal damage may also develop.


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